our new digs

So I’ve been pretty bad about updating my blog. There’s a lot to catch up on. First off- we moved into our new apartment!! Aside from the expected adjusting to a new place we couldn’t be happier.

so pumped to get the keys to our new place!

Apparently we’re destined to reside in places that have odd names- first our hotel, Address, and now our apartment, Olimpia Self Living. I guess that’s in case someone decides to build an assisted living building with the same name?? Here is a pic of our apartment building. It’s pretty new- about 5yrs old.

Olimpia Self Living

Olimpia Self Living

We have a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment. The floor to ceiling wardrobes are heavenly though our kitchen leaves counter space to be desired.

wardrobe in guest bedroom

wardrobe in guest bedroom

middle of guest wardrobe

middle of guest wardrobe

entryway into kitchen

kitchen & laundry room

Through the kitchen you can see the laundry room. These are in all the apartments here. Which leads me to your culture lesson for the day. It’s almost unheard of to not have a cleaning lady here. There are two kinds, an empregada is someone who comes 3 or more times per week and a faxineria is someone who comes once or twice a week. The former is entitled to vacation pay, bonuses, a pension, and must be given 30 days notice and a months pay if you decide to get rid of them. In the older buildings there often is a separate entrance to the kitchen and the laundry room. The tiny room serves as the empregada’s space and usually includes the world’s smallest bathroom- just a toilet- so the help didn’t use the other bathrooms in the house. There is still a discernible class separation here though it’s not quite as severe as it once was. Our faxineria starts soon. (;

Our new place is decent sized by our NYC standards but probably tiny for everyone elses. We have a nice balcony and great amenities like a pool, sauna, gym, indoor party room, and outdoor BBQ/party space.

from doorway

standing in entryway

entryway into livingroom

balcony off of living room

bathroom off of our bedroom

looking down hallway from our bedroom

looking down hallway from our bedroom

the lobby decorated for natal (xmas)

the lobby decorated for natal (xmas)

outdoor space outdoor space

us at the pool

The new neighborhood is called Vila Olimpia and is very close to Joseph’s office. We’re still figuring out the best places to eat/drink/shop but so far we’ve been pretty successful. We won’t get our shipping container with our stuff from home for a while so it’s rental furniture for the time being. I’ll post updates as we decorate and furnish.

  1. sorry the format is annoying- i can’t get the text and pics to cooperate

  2. Kristen said:

    Congrats guys!!! Place looks great! Air shipment get there yet??

    • air shipment got here monday! so great to have some of our things from home. really can’t wait for our container to get here w/most of our stuff. then it’s the fun part- decorating!

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