Hotel Life

As the apartment search continues let me fill you in on our current digs. We’re staying in a hotel called Address (yes, that’s the name) and it is in the “bairro” (neighborhood) called Itaim. Generally speaking the hotel is fine. It’s not fancy but it’s not a Motel 8 either.

*On a side note, a motel in Brazil has an entirely different and singular meaning which I will address in another post- you should look forward to this.*

Our “flat”, as it is referred to by the locals, has a decent sized main room that houses a kitchenette, small dining area, and a living room. The bedroom is pretty tiny but totally fine and the bathroom is the perfect size for a Pygmy family of one. However, there is a relatively spacious balcony and plenty of sunlight. Though it’s not the Fasano where Joseph stayed last time he was here, I’m not ashamed to admit we’re happy to be living on someone else’s dime for the time being.

Also, we do have some perks aside from the fact that we’re living rent free for a month or so. Address offers free breakfast every morning, a decent fitness center, and a pool. All three are on the 16th floor and offer an impressive view of the city.

Though it’s a pretty massive city, there is a distinct difference between the buildings here, in Itaim, compared to those in other cities. With strict land occupation laws most of São Paulo’s skyscrapers are not very tall. As you head out further away from the airport’s flight route (yes, their airport is in the middle of the cirty) the buildings do get much taller but this is a relatively new thing. Another noteworthy thing about the buildings here is that most are built with or have added helipads on the roofs. The traffic here is typically horrendous and at any point throughout the day, helicopters take off and land on buildings delivering businessmen to meetings and uber-wealthy wives to the mall. Money may not buy you happiness but it sure does buy you a quicker commute to work.

We don’t have our own helicopter (yet) or even a car for that matter. Most of this area is walkable though I haven’t decided if that’s the New Yorker in me or not because most Paulistas (people from Sao Paulo) do not walk anywhere. You valet your car everywhere from the restaurants to the grocery stores to the dry cleaners.

We’re adjusting to life here pretty well if I do say so myself. Of course living in a hotel is certainly not the worst situation I can think of or have been in for that matter but we are wholeheartedly looking forward to moving in to our apartment and getting completely settled. Play your cards right and there just might be a guest room set up with your name on it!

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  1. Megan said:

    pygmy family… lol

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